The Power of Fear

Fear is an instinctive, innate human emotion. We feel it when we feel in danger or pain, and its purpose is to minimise harm to oneself. This works of course, in preventing physical harm, such as entering a situation that is categorically dangerous and instilling trepidation in the mind in journeying into potentially harmful mental activities. In these cases, feeling fear is beneficial.

However, fear is not always advantageous. It can install so much trepidation that we are stopped from undertaking activities that, although not fully comfortable, would greatly improve the quality of our lives. Thus, in this way, fear, as well as protecting our lives, can limit them.

Fear has to be rationalised. We must question whether our fears are rational fears, and whether the situation we are contemplating has a real and harmful danger. Or, if on the other hand, we are just being overcautious and letting our minds get the better of us.

If we don’t rationalise our worries then fear will overtake our lives, leaving narrow horizons and confining perspectives. If we avoided every situation that causes us anxiety or worry, then I know I would achieve little to nothing. Fear is a natural emotion and we should embrace it as well as questioning its validity. If this is possible, I hope that a more exciting and fulfilling life can be led.

Thus, I endeavour to overcome irrational fear and lead my life with as little fear, worry and anxiety as possible. This is definitely a hard task, but I’m always up for a challenge.


About louisepageblog
Student, proudly what most people would call feminist, a strong believer in - 'When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.'

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