Is It Healthy To Be A Perfectionist?

Many people consider themselves perfectionists, but I question, is this a healthy mentality to life? Of course it is good to strive to better yourself, but surely life is also about knowing your limits?

Constant perfection is not a realistic goal, you are bound to fail at one point or another, quite often really. I’m sure that no one is flawless…

Not achieving a goal can be disheartening and demotivating, so striving for perfection may not actually be the best way to live. It might be better to set goals that are specified to your abilities that allow gradual improvement, rather than just expecting to be able to accomplish everything all the time.

Setting goals to achieve is an extremely difficult process, that has to be balanced between endeavouring to do better and setting achievable goals. However, if setting and actualizing goals can be done, then confidence and self esteem can be built and a better quality of life can ensue. I aim to do this.. another challenge…


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Student, proudly what most people would call feminist, a strong believer in - 'When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.'

6 Responses to Is It Healthy To Be A Perfectionist?

  1. As someone working hard to leave behind the perfectionist mindset, I can say trying to be perfect was absolutely not a healthy mentality for me. I’ve since learned that sometimes getting something done is better than waiting around for something to be perfect!

  2. Cafe says:

    Perfection is definitely not a realistic goal when it comes to most things. I think you have the right idea about striving for improvement instead. And also just doing each task to the best of your ability. If you know you gave it everything you had, how can you be disappointed in yourself even if you don’t reach “perfection”?

  3. brightbluesaturday says:

    I’m a perfectionist and it’s awful.
    today, for instance, I got my first ever complaint at work. It wasn’t about me, but one of my team, but I can’t stop beating myself up about it!
    I’m trying to stop being a perfectionist!

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