Is It Healthy To Be A Perfectionist?

Many people consider themselves perfectionists, but I question, is this a healthy mentality to life? Of course it is good to strive to better yourself, but surely life is also about knowing your limits?

Constant perfection is not a realistic goal, you are bound to fail at one point or another, quite often really. I’m sure that no one is flawless…

Not achieving a goal can be disheartening and demotivating, so striving for perfection may not actually be the best way to live. It might be better to set goals that are specified to your abilities that allow gradual improvement, rather than just expecting to be able to accomplish everything all the time.

Setting goals to achieve is an extremely difficult process, that has to be balanced between endeavouring to do better and setting achievable goals. However, if setting and actualizing goals can be done, then confidence and self esteem can be built and a better quality of life can ensue. I aim to do this.. another challenge…


Getting the hang of wordpress

So I’ve begun to get the gist of  wordpress. I’ve found a few blogs that I really like and resonate with me. They make me feel more confident that my views aren’t in the complete minority and there are others in similar boats. The internet it turns out isn’t just a way to bring your self confidence down that everyone seems to be doing better than you, but can also boost your self esteem and bring more ideas to the forefront of your mind.

As you can see I’ve also learnt how to bold and italic words, and the effect they can have. Yes, I’m getting technical of course.

I definitely feel that feminism and the stigma that surrounds it will be a topic that I cover more, along with views about the UK benefit system. I’m told I’m right wing.. (pretty rare for a student apparently) but I’m not too keen on being labelled. We’ll see what happens when I actually start writing…